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august 2021

Supporting employees as whole people is the key to long-term, sustainable business success. Creating a Whole-Person Workplace helps you attract the best talent, who then want to stay, become increasingly engaged, and treat your customers as whole people as well.

Whether you are a leader, supervisor, business owner or HR professional, The Whole-Person Workplace will help you develop ways to support your employees with the full range of their work-life challenges. This book will help you think about flexibility, work-from home, parental leave, child-care, elder-care, wellness programs, educational benefits, vacation time, support for volunteerism, compensation & benefits, employee orientation, and workplace culture in new ways- and provide actionable advice for getting started custom-fit solutions for your business and employees.


Highly recommended for CEOs, HR professionals, and any manager looking to attract, engage and retain first-rate talent.

—Dave Bolotsky, CEO of Uncommon Goods

Supporting employees during all the challenges in their lives is a crucial challenge for employers today, and The Whole-Person Workplace is a friendly, smart, practical guide for leaders and employers of all sizes.

—G. Brint Ryan, CEO of Ryan, LLC

The Whole-Person Workplace will help you discover new ways to support your employees in ways that reliably drive employee retention, engagement, and long-term performance. This book is a must-read for today’s business leader and would make a smart addition to any MBA curriculum.

—Ron Friedman, Ph.D., author of The Best Place to Work and Decoding Greatness

The Whole-Person Workplace, is a value-added, practical guide for employers of all sizes. Many employers are struggling to adapt to a new post-Covid normal, and this book provides ideas and insights that will help them adjust to the future of work.

—Steve Nguyen, Vice President and General Manager of Public Sector at Citrix

Talk about timely... The Whole Person Workplace offers ideas that will help employers right now as they attempt to envision the organizational culture that will attract top talent in the years to come.

—Brad Harrington, Executive Director,

Boston College Center for Work & Family

With COVID’s long-lasting impacts on the workforce still to be determined, Scott’s book provides critical insights to help leaders develop cultures and teams that embrace each person’s whole self. It’s not only good for people, it’s also a healthy business practice that supports long-term success.

—Sara Sutton, Founder and CEO of Flexjobs

A gold mine of actionable insights that any organization can implement and benefit from immediately.

—J. Bruce Tracey, Professor, SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University

"If you are a manager or leader at a demanding workplace, I can almost guarantee that you have lost good people when intense work expectations crashed headlong into employees’ desire for a full life outside of work. Instead of striding into the CEO’s or the manager’s office, most burned-out employees- who would love to stay, but can’t see a way to make their employment with you fit with the rest of their lives- simply melt away and find employment elsewhere. There goes your talent, the lifeblood of your company, right out the door..."

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