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Media Appearances

I have made appearances on major media outlets, such as CBS This Morning, MSNBC, NPR, Bloomberg Radio and Fox News, usually as an expert commenter on workplace culture, supportive workplaces, work-life issues, fatherhood and more. See below for links and videos. Please contact me if you'd like me to appear on your television or radio show, or your podcast. 

I've been doing a LOT of media to support the launch of The Whole-Person Workplace, including national and local tv and radio, as well as leading management, HR, leadership and wellness podcasts. 


Here are two apperances on MSNBC discussing paternity leave.

Scott Behson on MSNBC discussing Paternity Leave

Here's my recent appearance on Cheddar News's Closing Bell and on Los Angeles' KTLA News:


Other TV appearances include:NBC News, Fox News, and CBS This Morning, as well as local tv news stations around the country (NYC, LA, DC, Boston, Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, NJ, etc.).


I've done local radio in such metro markets as New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, St. Louis and Cincinatti. I've also been on national programs such as NPR's All Things Considered, Morning Edition and Radio Times and Bloomberg Radio's The Hays Advantage. Here are links to KDKA News radio Pittsburgh and Sirius/XM's Business radio



KDKA interview
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I've been on dozens of management, HR, leadership, parenting and wellness podacsts. Here are a few of my favorite recent appearances​:

projectHR pod.JPG
LOT Podcast 406 2.png

YouTube and Other Media

Check out my weekly Whole-Person Workplace videos. 2 minutes of advice from the book to help you build a workplace that works for everyone

Here's my conversation with World at Work on embedding work-life priorties into our HR and management practices. 

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