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I have written in a wide range of business, parenting, news and popular press outlets, including Harvard Business Review, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Quartz, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Ask Men, Workspan and many more.

2022 Publications:

  • Quarterly column in Workspan, the publication of World at Work, the leading organization for total rewards professionals.

    • Q1- The Importance of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    • Q2- The Best Employee Benefit is Time

    • Q3- Thinking Beyond Base Pay and About Other Financial Supports

    • Q4- TBD


Harvard Business Review

I am a regularly featured author of digital articles at HBR:

My articles are among the most widely read and shared articles on HBR’s website, which itself is the 17th most shared website in the US.

I have also contributed multiple chapters to HBR's book series for working parents:


Wall Street Journal

Success Magazine

Workspan Magazine (World at Work's magazine for HR professionals)

Other outlets

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide has been excerpted in various outlets, including:


My work has been featured in:

The AtlanticEsquire, The Daily BeastBuzzfeed, Inc., MSN Money, Parent Magazine, Mashable, National Review, Roll Call, Today.com Parents, HLN’s Raising America, Canada’s Globe and Mail and even Chile’s El Mercurio, among many others.

I enjoy speaking with reporters on workplace and parenting issues. Contact me here