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I help employers create workplaces in which the Whole Person can thrive

I provide speaking and consulting services to employers. My new book, The Whole-Person Workplace and newsletter provide actionable advice for managers and leaders, with compelling examples of employers who have successfully risen to the challenge. 


My best-selling books help working parents, managers and employers with work-life challenges

My best-selling Working Dad's Survival Guide has helped thousands of dads with career and family success. My new book, The Whole-Person Workplace, helps employers and managers address the work-life challenges of their employees. 

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I provide value-added speaking and consulting services

I provide a variety of high-quality speaking and consulting services to help employers and working parents with their work-life challenges. Click here for more details and information on past clients. 

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I help working parents, especially dads, with Work-Family Balance

In my books (The Working Dad's Survival Guide and The Whole-Person Workplace), blog (Fathers, Work and Family), speaking and consulting, I help working parents navigate their work-life challenges. 


I regularly write for and appear in major business and popular news outlets

I have written for such outlets as Time, Wall St. Journal, Harvard Business Review, Success, and Fast Company and have appeared on CBS, MSNBC, NPR, Fox, Bloomberg radio, and many workplace and parenting podcasts. My work has been featured in such outlets as the Atlantic, Slate, and Working Mother.

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I help professors and college students succeed with team projects

My book, We Hate Team Projects! provides friendly advice and useful tools for college students and their professors to succeed in, and actually enjoy, their team projects.