My Whole-Person Workplace newsletter on LinkedIn is based on research for and content from my recent book, The Whole-Person Workplace: Building Better Workplaces Through Work-Life, Wellness, and Employee Support. Newletters also cover news and commentary through a Whole-Person lens. It will help you build a better workplace that works for everyone. Sign up for the newsletter on Linkedin here

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Newsletter #1: "At $1200, who wouldn't buy this for their business?" 

I share a few of my favorite stories about employers who demonstrate their whole-person workplace values in creative ways, specifically around financial support. 

Newsletter #2: Employees aren't just valuable assets. They are people.

Employees should be vaued for more than their return on your investment in them. they should be valued as Whole People. Here are examples of how employers have demonstrated these values in ways large and small. 

Newsletter #3: Supervisors are the key to a Whole-Person Workplace.

The importance of supervisory management to building a Whole-Person Workplace cannot be overstated. You are the front line of organizational culture and the most important contact point for how your employees experience the workplace. Here are four action steps for supervisors. 

Newsletter #4: “Even lawyers want a life outside of work”: Helping employees avoid burnout

Whole-Person Workplace values can help employees avoid chronic overwork - which is especially important in remote and hybrid workplaces - resulting in workplaces that work for everyone.

Newsletter #5: The best employee benefit is time

Supporting employee time for life by providing and supporting effective PTO is a key for supporting employees and building a great culture. 

Newsletter #6: "8 babies a day": Making parental leave work for everyone

When designed the right way, parental leave can become a core part of a Whole-Person Workplace culture – benefitting everyone, even those without children.

Newsletter #7: What's in Your Employees' Invisible Backpacks?

Everyone carries unseen emotional burdens in their "invisible backpacks". Employers can demonstrate their care for employees by thinking creatively about what they can to alleviate employee stress. It is not only the right thing to do for the Whole People who work for us - it is also good business. With examples from Adidas, Boxed, Peleton, and more

Newsletter #8: Looking For A New Job During The Great Reset? Ask These Interview Questions

With so much in flux, it is a great time to assess whether your current employer values you like they should and whether a different employer might be a better fit. Here's how to find a Whole-Person employer.