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My Recommended 2015 Father’s Day Books

In addition to my book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, (you can buy it here!), several other fatherhood related books are now available. While I haven’t read all of them yet, I know most of these authors and respect their work. These books would make great father’s day gifts for the dads in your life, and I recommend you start dropping hints to your spouse and kids right now.

This is the second collection of essays about fatherhood written by dozens of excellent writers and regular dads, all expertly curated and edited by Hogan Hilling and Al Watts. I was honored when they asked me to write the foreword to this book, and think so many of the essays therein are touching and inspirational. As involved dads, we can get so laser focused on our own challenges that we sometimes forget we’re part of a broader community. This book is a great reminder that we’re all in this together. I also recommend their first book, Dads Behaving Dadly.

Armin Brott literally wrote the books on new fatherhood, and is a true pioneer. When The Expectant Father and The New Father were published over a decade ago, virtually all books for new parents were for moms. Part man-to-man advice, part “What to Expect…”, Brott’s books are incredible resources for new dads and soon-to-be-dads. These new editions are fully updated with the current thinking and information on fatherhood and parenting.

Mike Adamick previously wrote books with great ideas for dad-and-kid crafts and activities, and science experiments. Nick and I had a great time doing a bunch of his science experiments. He returns with this book of fun dad-and-kid recipes. I plan on trying some out with Nick (and maybe this will be the push he needs to try some new foods!).

Dr. Robert Zeitlin is a fellow dad blogger and a school psychologist. His timely book helps us see past the hard work required by fatherhood to appreciate the joy of raising kids, playing, and seeing the world through young eyes. His book’s title says it all, and should be words to live by.

David Vienna started a viral sensation with his CTFD method of parenting- basically telling us overly-worried parents to calm down. Kids will learn to walk and talk just fine. They’ll fall and get hurt, but they’ll get up again. This book starts from his hilarious premise, and helps parents embrace the messiness of parenting, helping them relax, and alleviating the pressure many of us feel to be “perfect parents.”

Josh Levs is an investigative journalist who has turned his attention to how society and business work to trap men into traditional gender roles, requiring them to be “all in” for work and cutting them off from other important aspects of their lives, like being fully involved and equal parents. Through interviews and his own experiences, he takes the big-picture view this important issue, and provides recommendations on how our families, workplaces and society can move forward.

In all, there are several great choices of father’s day books this summer. Of course, buy mine first (click here! It’s already the #1 new release in its genre on Amazon!), but there’s certainly room on the night-table (or Kindle) for several more.

Which books are you looking forward to? Have any others to recommend? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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