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A Little Help From My Friends: A Year of Awesome Guest Posts

Here’s a roundup of the guest posts featured at Fathers, Work and Family over the past year. Enjoy this incredible collection of fathers’ voices discussing work-family issues.

In blogging, just like in my college intramural softball days, I'm lucky to have surrounded myself with great friends

In blogging, just like in my college intramural softball days, I’m lucky to have surrounded myself with great friends

One of my goals in starting this blog was to build a community of busy, involved working dads who could share their experiences, insights, challenges and triumphs. In this way, we’d know that we are not alone in our work-family juggles, and that we could be sources of emotional and tangible support for each other.

This community is growing–thanks to you. Your readership, comments, emails and other displays of support have been valuable. In addition, I have relied on my friends, family and professional contacts to add their perspectives to FWF through guest posts.

I was reading through these “Sharing Experiences” guest posts the other day and was struck by how consistently great they are. Here’s a link to each and every guest post (from most recent to most distant). Enjoy!

  1. Aaron Gouveia of DaddyFiles on his recent Paternity Leave (US version)

  2. Jonathan Ervine of Dads The Way I Like It on his Paternity Leave (UK version)

  3. Oren Miller of BloggerFather on trying to find a workable balance for his family

  4. Noble McIntyre on how making time for charitable work helps him lead a more balanced life

  5. Jason Swann of The Cheeky Daddy on staying connected with his kids when travelling for work

  6. Carter Gaddis of on giving up his dream job to be a more involved parent

  7. Erik Eddy on how he and his wife took turns prioritizing each other’s careers while raising their son

  8. Blake Friis of Pureed Green Beans and Whiskey on what he learned about work-life balance when he temporarily lost his job

  9. Brian Shields on how he left a successful corporate career to start his own business in order to create a better work-family balance

  10. Theron Bostic of Active Duty Dad on his military career, work-related stress and fatherhood

  11. Neil Cohen of Man on Third on his transition from corporate PR to being a SAHD

  12. My dad, Joe Behson with a look at work-family balance for dads across the generations

  13. Neil Cohen on the pressure parents feel to be perfect

Thanks to all these guest contributors. If you have a story you’d like to share, please contact me–I’m always on the lookout for good guest content.

What do you think about these guest posts? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

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