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Book Launch!

You can pre-order my book now!

Book Launch!

Today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude as The Working Dad’s Survival Guide has finally become a reality. (It is currently not only the #1 New Release in Job Markets & Advice, it is also the Amazon #1 BEST SELLER in Job Markets & Advice.) While I’m excited to cross a big item off my Bucket List, I am even more thrilled that my book will be out in the world helping dads everywhere achieve career success while being the loving, involved dads they always wanted to be. Thank you to so many who have helped make this book a reality. I conclude the book with this sentiment:

It is indeed great news that, despite the challenges, in some ways it is more possible than ever before to have a great career and be a great dad. I don’t believe we can “have it all” in terms of work and family, certainly not all at once. We are adults, we have to set priorities and understand the trade-offs involved. However, I do believe that if we adopt the mindset of this book, prioritize, develop strategies and put them into action, we can get what is most important for us and for our families. We can get what we need. We can be successful both at work and at home.

You can see coverage of the book at the following outlets. I will update this list as it grows, and provide links where possible. (If you are a media type, please contact me):


  1. MSNBC

  2. NBC News. Multiple interviews, nationwide. See here for the segment. I am aware of it airing in at least 15 states so far, but probably more!

  3. Fox News

  4. Al Jazeera America

  5. WABC “New York  Viewpoint” (NYC)

  6. HuffPost Live (Internet TV)


  1. National: Fox News Radio, Clear Channel 24/7 News, Compass Media’s This Morning, iHeartRadio News Service

  2. Satellite Radio: Dot Complicated with Randi Zuckerberg, Work and Life with Dr. Stewart Friedman, and Women @ Work with Laura Zarrow-  all on Business Radio (SiriusXM Channel 111),

  3. Local Radio in NYC (my segment starts at 37 minutes in) (WCBS and AM970), San Francisco, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and San Antonio

  4. International: Voice of America




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