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Buy an Awesome 99-Cent Stocking Stuffer for Dad (or for yourself!)

A perfect stocking stuffer for dad! The Working Dad's Survival Guide. Just 99 cents.

A perfect stocking stuffer for dad! The Working Dad’s Survival Guide. Just 99 cents.

Since becoming a dad, my favorite Christmas presents haven’t been the big-ticket items. Rather, I’ve come to appreciate smaller, more thoughtful and whimsical “stocking stuffers” from my family.

This holiday season, I have a great digital stocking stuffer for dad (and you!). The e-book version of my best-selling book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide is just 99 cents today and tomorrow (December 9 & 10).

  1. So, if you are a dad- spend $1 on yourself this holiday!

  2. If you know a dad (your husband, brother, cousin, co-worker, etc.) who is working hard at work and at home- this book will make their work-family juggle easier. I guarantee it.*

I wrote this book to provide advice and encouragement to my fellow dads who care deeply about their careers and are putting in the time and energy to be highly involved, loving dadsReaders, experts, best-selling authors, and dad-vocates agree that this book rocks, and can help you live your life closer to your priorities.

The book is great, and only 99 cents, so why haven’t you clicked this link yet?

  1. “I prefer paper books” EASY, you can also order the book in paperback or as an audio book, right here.

  2. “I don’t have a Kindle” EASY, you can download the FREE Kindle app here and read the book any any device- computer, tablet, smartphone.

  3. “How do I give an e-book to someone else?” EASY. You just email it to them- and you can set the day for delivery (for Dec 25th, for example). Just follow these easy instructions.

  4. Click this link

  5. Click the “give as gift” button

  6. Enter email address of the lucky dad

  7. Enter the delivery date and a gift message

  8. Click on “place my order”

  9. Enjoy being awesome, and checking someone off your shopping list!

  10. “Won’t someone think I’m criticizing them by getting them a book of advice?” NO. A simple card (you can use the one below) can easily explain that you bought them this book because you see how hard they work at work and at home and thought this book can make their juggle a little bit easier.

Use this card as you buy the perfect stocking stuffer for dad!

Use this card as you buy the perfect stocking stuffer for dad!

There’s no reason not to buy this great stocking stuffer for dad. All it takes is 99 cents and a few clicks. Click this link right now while you are thinking of it. This Christmas, give the gift of balance.

* Seriously, if you or the dad in your life doesn’t find the book really helpful, write me and I’ll give you your 99 cents back.

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