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Pokemon Go is Fun for Dads and Kids

Having fun with my son and Pokemon Go

Having fun with my son and Pokemon Go

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

I admit I can sometimes be a contrarian. I’m normally that guy who complains against the latest fad. But I’ve come to embrace Pokemon Go and enjoy playing it with my son. I think it is a great game for dads and kids to play together.

Nick had heard about the game and wanted to play. He’s too young for a cellphone, so I downloaded the app to mine. Now, we spend time walking and catching Pokemon together. We spend time online learning about the different Pokemon strengths and weaknesses. We plan out how much candy and stardust (just go with it) it takes to evolve that Poliwag into a Poliwhirl.

We’re having a blast and spending time on a common interest. We’ve even been able to combine Nick’s budding interest in creating YouTube videos (his YouTube handle is JediHero7) into our new hobby. You can see some clips of our day in the park catching Pokemon here (please forgive my tragically poor filming technique!):

The best part about our day of filming is that we had been just killing time- me with writing and work and him with iPad and books- because it was a hot, muggy, rainy day. We saw a window of opportunity of good weather, and had a fun hour running through the park and filming our Pokemon Go adventures. A much better way to spend time together.

My son's favorite Pokemon Go so far!

My son’s favorite Pokemon Go so far!

We may never catch them all or become high-level Pokemon masters, but we’ll have fun and build some memories to hold on to. That’s good enough for me, and, I think, would be a good use of time for you and your kids.

What do you think about Pokemon Go? Any experience to share? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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