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Work-Dad Success? Here’s some advice

How can we achieve work-dad success?

My latest article, “12 Work-Life Balance Tips from a Working Dad” was just published in Success magazine. In it, I describe some research from Boston College’s New Dad studies and provide some advice for dads trying to juggle career success with being a great dad. Click here or on the picture to go to the full article.

My article in Success Magazine on Work-Dad Success

My article in Success Magazine on Work-Dad Success

Achieving work-dad success is not easy, but as I conclude:

Virtually all dads care a lot about career success and having the time to be a highly involved, loving dad. Whatever your specific priorities, we need to make conscious choices to align our actions so we can be successful on both fronts. It’s what our families need from us, and we all benefit (yes, even employers) when we live closer to our priorities.

What do you think about work-dad success? Any advice to share? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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