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Things I Want For Father’s Day

Things I want for Father's Day- baseball tickets!

Things I want for Father’s Day- baseball tickets!

I don’t want a mug or a tie or any more BBQ equipment. Here are the tangible and intangible things I want for Father’s Day:

  1. Being woken up with cake and presents

  2. Then being able to turn over and sleep in for a while

  3. Nice weather for a family bike ride or picnic lunch

  4. A long phone call with my dad

  5. A handmade card from my son

  6. Some sort of Game of Thrones swag

Last year, I got some Game of Thrones figures. Exactly the things I want for Father's Day

Things i want for Father’s Day- Game of Thrones figures.

  1. Some sort of baseball memorabilia

  2. Star Wars stuff is always good

  3. Tickets to an upcoming baseball game

  4. For the working dad survey, the State of America’s Fathers Report and Boston College’s latest study on work-life for Millennial dads (all released this week) to get tons of media attention

  5. For the attention on fathers to extend well beyond Father’s Day

  6. For a few more states to follow the lead of California, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New York in providing paid family leave

  7. For more private companies to offer paternity leave

  8. A nice little sales bump for my book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide! (it makes for a great Father’s Day gift)

Things I want for Father's Day- a homemade Father's Day card

Things I want for Father’s Day- a homemade Father’s Day card

  1. For the following phrases: “Mr. Mom”, “Are you babysitting?”, and “How nice you are giving mom a break” to never be uttered again

  2. For at-home dads to be accorded the same respect as any other full-time parent

  3. For working dads to feel the support of their supervisors and coworkers who realize that being a great dad and a great employee are not mutually exclusive

  4. The lawn to magically mow itself

  5. For even more dads in the public eye to visibly role-model involved fatherhood

  6. A nice glass of Rioja

  7. For Ramsey Bolton to finally get what’s coming to him!!!

Of all the things I want for father's Day, I want him to suffer!!!!

Things I want for Father’s Day, Ramsey Bolton to suffer and die!!!! (photo

What do you want for Father’s Day? let’s discuss in the comments.

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