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Transitions... and one last note of thanks.

My work is in transition.

If you've followed me through my dad blogger and author stages- thank you. And I hope you'll follow me as I fully return to my writing roots as a work-life scholar, author and consultant, culminating in my new book, "The Whole-Person Workplace" (available wherever books are sold).

But transitions are nothing new.

Fatherhood, after all, is a series of transitions.

First, you are a nervous expectant father. Then the dad of a newborn with all the awe and wonder and vomit and sleep deprivation that this entails. Then the joys and hardships of being the dad to a cute but uber-energetic toddler. Then, the golden early-school years where dad is the hero. Then, as your child grows, you transition again and again and again into whatever your child and your family needs at that time. All this while balancing, calibrating and re-calibrating your career so you can both provide for and spend enough time with your family.

My son is now 16, with a driving permit, a friendship network of his own, and thoughts about where to apply for college. My son and I have been through many transitions together.- as have you, my readers, and I, over these past several years.

I am now officially retiring the Fathers, Work and Family Blog- although all of my posts over the past 9 years will be available and archived here at I will always be a busy juggling working dad right there in the mix with all of you, but my writing interests have moved on.

I want to thank all of you who read my work and supported the movement that has elevated the conversation and supports for fathers. I am proud to have written the first, and to my knowledge only, book of advice and encouragement for dads trying to balance work and family, "The Working Dad's Survival Guide"

What makes me the proudest, however, is that 6 years after publication, I still occasionally receive emails like this, which came to my inbox today:

Hello Scott,
I purchased the Audio book of Working Dad’s Survival Guide and first off I want to say thank you!!!
This is one of the most helpful books I have ever read! It’s critical families and fathers understand things have seriously changed since the previous generation and we need to rethink how we manage our work / life balance.
Thank you Scott. May God Bless You and your family.
-Father of 4 small children.

Thank you so much to this dad, and to all of you. God bless and good luck in your many transitions.


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