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Welcome HBR Blog Readers- “Less Rigid Forms of Flexibility”

“The most important need for many employees is not to get away from work (through long leaves or part-time work), but to find satisfying ways to combine work and family life… These forms of everyday work flexibility are much more important than the more publicized forms of workplace flexibility such as mommy tracks or daddy tracks…. What we need are less rigid forms of work flexibility… that make it more likely that employees can maintain equal commitments between work and family”

-Work-Life Pioneer Tim Hall, as quoted in my new HBR Online article, Flex Time Doesn’t Need to be an HR Policy

Welcome to Fathers, Work and Family

Welcome to Fathers, Work and Family

Thank you for reading, and for visiting my site. For those of you who are visiting Fathers, Work and Family for the first time, feel free to have a look around. A link to my “Greatest Hits” here (I particularly recommend you read this and this), links to my work at HBR, The Wall Street Journal and Time, Good Men Project and Huffington Post, and my participation at the White House Working Families Summit up at the top of the page, category listings along the right-hand side, and of course, buttons you can use to follow Fathers, Work and Family via email, twitter or Facebook.

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