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What I Did Last Sunday Instead of Watching Football. A Photo Essay

I like watching sports as much as the next guy. But living life should always come first.

Nick and Jesse hamming it up on our visit to the awesome Storm King Arts Center

Being a New York sports fan, I have two football teams to follow. I’m a rabid Jets fan, but also follow the Giants. Last weekend, they both faced big early-season games.

So, when my wife said she wanted to take a family trip to the Storm King Arts Center (you should really go there if you are in the NY metro area), I was tempted to beg off to stay home and watch the games. I’m so glad I didn’t. Here’s why, in pictures.

I like watching sports as much as the next guy. But living life should always come first. If I stayed home to watch the Giants get crushed and then see Geno Smith lead the Jets to victory, I would have missed a great day with Amy, Nick, and his friend Jesse (who is one of Nick’s best friends and like another son to me).

Modern-day philospher Ferris Bueller is right: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around every once in a while, you might miss it.”

Be sure you take the time to make these memories. Football can wait. Have a great weekend- and make a memory while you’re at it!

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PS- aside from having an annual membership, I am not affiliated with Storm King in any way

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