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13 Reasons You Don’t Want to Buy My Book During this 2-Day 99 Cents Sale

The Working Dad's Survival Guide is just 99 cents during my 2-day sale! Buy yours today.

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide is just 99 cents during my 2-day sale! Buy yours today.

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide is just 99 cents during my 2-day sale! Buy yours today.

As a thank you to friends, colleagues and supporters, Motivational Press and I are offering the Kindle version of my book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, for 99 cents today and tomorrow (August 9 and 10).

I think this is a great deal, but, who knows, you may not. Here are the possible reasons I can think of why you may not want to purchase one or more 99 cent Kindle versions of The Working Dad’s Survival Guide:

  1. I never learned how to read

  2. There’s no room for improvement. I am 100% happy with my work-family balance, the success of my career, and the amount of quality time I spend with my family. Why would I need any encouragement or practical advice?

  3. 99 cents? I’d rather spend that on 1/5 of a Starbucks espressolattechinocafefrappe

  4. Matt, Lance, Armin and Charlie are idiots for saying, “Cheers to Scott Behson for providing the 21st century working dad a roadmap for career and parenting success.” and “There’s no magic pill that will make you the best dad you can be. But with commitment, hard work, and Scott’s guidance, you’re well on your way.”

  5. I’m going to wait until Scott lowers the price to 89 cents

  6. Work and family is just a “woman thing”

  7. I’ll never be able to get 1 dollar of value out of a book that helps working dads think through their priorities, plan their finances, navigate their workplace cultures, negotiate for more flexible work, manage their time better, open up time for family, make the best use of that time, take care of themselves with “me time” and social time, and find balance between all the aspects of their lives.

  8. I’m still mad at Amazon about that whole Amazon Family thing!

  9. (For the women in the audience) I couldn’t possibly think of any men in my life who care both about career success and being involved dads

  10. I don’t have a Kindle (dude, you can use the free app to read it on any phone, tablet or computer!!!)

  11. I already bought the paper copy (see #9)

  12. Yawn. I’m too lazy to click two links: This one, and then the 1-click purchase option on Amazon

  13. I just hate Scott. If he were lying bleeding on the sidewalk, I’d step over him or kick him in the ribs

Seriously, though, I can virtually guarantee that, for 99 cents, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide will be the best purchase you make all year. The book is chock full of practical advice, tips from fellow dads, and self-assessment exercises that you can use to make immediate, meaningful changes in your life – helping you be successful at work while being the dad you always wanted to be. (Don’t just take my word for it, see what these people had to say here, here and here)

So, while it is fresh in your mind, click this link right now! Thanks and enjoy.

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