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6 Ways Life Is Better When You Work an Alternate Schedule

Because I can work from here at night, I have time during the day to do the rest.

Because I can work from here at night, I have time during the day to do the rest.

I am an advocate for more flexible work arrangements in which people have more control over where and when they accomplish their work. These arrangements benefit employers through reduced turnover and absenteeism, as well as higher employee engagement and productivity. They benefit employees by allowing better work/family balance, as well as lowered stress and higher work and family satisfaction.

I am especially a fan of alternative work schedules that allow for people to have discretionary time off during regular business hours. In my career, I treasure the ability to work when others don’t in order to take care of a lot of the rest while everyone else is working. Think about all the things that daytime time off makes easier:

  1. Errands– You can actually get someone at Home Depot to help you without hunting 20 minutes for an employee. You can take your time in the power tool aisle without your kids whining and begging you to leave.

  2. Christmas shopping– The mall is far less packed at 11am on a Tuesday. Parking spaces are plentiful! Lines are short! Crowds are non-existent!

  3. Movies– You have the theater to yourself during matinees. No one spilling popcorn or texting their way through the movie while crushed in the seat next to you.

  4. Skiing– Weekends at most ski areas are super-crowded. On a Thursday, all that powder’s just for you.

  5. Kid’s activities– Playgrounds, children’s museums, aquariums, zoos and the like are far less crowded, making it easier to enjoy your time instead of enduring it.

  6. Your Kid’s School– time off during the day means you can volunteer at school or visit your kid’s classroom

What activities would be easier for you to accomplish if you could do them during normal business hours? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

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