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Fathers, Work and Family Issues in Super Bowl Ads: Expedia’s “Find Your Perspective” Ad

I love this commercial! (sorry, I can’t embed video from this site, please follow the link)

The Disney teacup ride helped the dad in this great Expedia commercial think through his work-family priorities.

Expedia just started airing a fantastic ad, focusing on a father who was clearly struggling with work-family balance, and who (of course with the help of Expedia- it is an ad, after all) was able to have a moment of joy and clarity (on the Disney teacup ride) to help him realize his work-family priorities.

The script:

It wasn’t a good time at work to go away. It never is. But my wife and I had a talk, and so there I was on our trip, spinning around and around. And in that moment, I realized That’s my boy This is my life And I’ve only got one of each (on screen: Find your… perspective)

Now, perhaps I’m partial to this ad because I just took a week in Disney with the family, but this ad resonated with me for a couple of reasons.

  1. It echoes some of what I’ve written about at FWF, and, more importantly,

  2. Is a positive mainstream depiction of fathers, and especially of fathers struggling for work and family balance.

The ad touches on something real and something that is generally neglected in the media. I suspect that because of this truth this will be a very successful ad campaign.

We all can’t afford Disney vacations, or flights through Expedia, but perhaps we can all find some moments to remind us that:

That’s my family This is my life And I’ve only got one of each

What’s your reaction? Have you seen any other good depictions of dads in the media? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

FWF will be back on Monday with a look at how those of us with more money than time can use the former to free up more of the latter.  Have a great weekend.

PS- any advice on embedding video?

This article was republished at the Good Men Project online men’s magazine.  Follow this link to the article.

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