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Happy Blogaversary!!! Reflections on Two Years

Two years ago, I jumped into the blogosphere, not knowing what the public reaction would be. I feared a great big collective yawn.

Happy Blogaversary to me! (flickr Creative Commons)

Happy Blogaversary to me! (flickr Creative Commons)

Today, I am humbled as I reflect on everything you, dear reader, have given me over these past two years. I have been able to accomplish so many professional goals, make so many new friends, and I even made it to the White House! Thank you.

More importantly, however, you have given me the opportunity to contribute to a cause I feel passionately about- promoting work-family balance for fathers and encouraging more supportive workplaces. While I play only a small part, the progress that we, as a society, have made on this issue in the last two years is unmistakable.

There is obviously so much more work to go, and look forward to the next two years and beyond, and the progress that we will make together.

As for personal highlights, here are a few:

  1. Invited to speak at the White House!

  2. Major national radio and tv appearances!

  3. Regular writing gigs at Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post!

  4. Published in Time and the Wall Street Journal!

  5. Meeting so many new friends, and a few of my work-life heroes!

Again, thank you! (can I blow out the candles now?)

Special thanks go to Oren Miller and the Dad Bloggers group, the editors of Good Men Project for giving me my first chance to write for a big publication, the folks at Boston College’s Center for Work and Family for producing so much great research for me to report on, my agent Giles Anderson for supporting and guiding my book project (we’ll get there soon!), and of course Nick and Amy for their love and inspiration.

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