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How to Turn Valentine’s Day Into 5 Date Nights

What’s better than one Valentine’s Day? Five! (photo credit:

I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m a romantic at heart, but I also think that Valentine’s Day is an important time to reinforce  the romantic side of our relationships. Between work, home and co-parenting, it’s deceptively easy to let romance slide. We can use Valentine’s Day to reconnect.

But, you know, Valentine’s Day is just one day. Is there a way we can leverage it to open up the opportunity for multiple date nights?

Yes there is. Here’s how:

Ryan Miller, who writes the blog Standing in the Shallows, had this brilliant idea and shared it on our Facebook dad Bloggers group:

Volunteer to watch several other couples’ kids on Feb. 14. Pack your house and yard with a dozen kids, and give them all treats, a party, whatever. Give the parents no-cost babysitting for a romantic afternoon/evening. Because you’re generous, that is enough. BUT HERE’S THE THING: These other parents will be grateful, and each one will offer to watch your kids for a future date night for you (in theory, but I’ve yet to have that backfire on me). You give up one date on a night when venues are crowded and everything is overpriced, and you get two, three, or four date nights with free babysitting to enjoy in the coming days.

This is so smart. 5 grateful sets of local parents can equal 5 free nights of babysitting for you and your spouse to splash out for 5 dates!

As I mentioned in my book, my wife and I have Nick’s friends over for a New Year’s sleepover most years. It’s fun, and it also builds up that good-will that we can turn into a returned favor some other night.

So, what’s better than Valentine’s Day? 5 slightly delayed Valentine’s Days!

What do you think about this plan? About Valentine’s Day? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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