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Richard Sherman’s Baby Is Due Just in Time for the Super Bowl. What Should He Do?

UPDATE: The baby arrived Thursday morning, so no decision was needed. Mom, dad and baby are all doing great. Congrats!

Dad-to-be Richard Sherman faces a dilemma. (photo used via creative commons license)

Seattle Seahawk cornerback and media lightning-rod Richard Sherman’s girlfriend is due to give birth to their first child any day now, and of course Sunday is the Super Bowl.

Sherman stated that they have a plan in place should the baby decide to enter the world just before or during the game, but that the birth of his child is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity he doesn’t want to miss. He jokingly pleaded with his unborn son to “stay disciplined and patient and wait just a few more days to help daddy out.” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll astonishingly stated that ” we’re all family first, so he should do what he thinks is right.” Lots of athletes and writers have stated they think he should skip the Super Bowl for the birth.

So, what do I think Sherman should do if his girlfriend goes into labor before or during the game?

Whatever he and his family decide is best.

A while ago, I reported on Hunter Mahan and Joe Flacco. Mahan, a professional golfer left a $1 Million tournament he was leading when his wife went into labor. Flacco, the quarterback of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, stayed put after his wife went into labor while he was warming up before a game. I concluded they both made the right decision. And I think Sherman will, as well, whatever he and his girlfriend decide.

For a fuller explanation, see the article I wrote on Mahan and Flacco. It is one of my favorites:

Click on the picture for my take sports figures and deciding whether one should miss games for the birth of their children

What do you think? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

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