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Support Family Leave in New York State

Join me in supporting Paid Family Leave in New York State

As a working dad, an advocate and a New Yorker, I wholeheartedly support this petition forwarded by A Better Balance in support of Paid Family Leave in New York State. Please join me (and the New York Times) in supporting Family Leave in New York.

Paid family leave is especially important for dads. Once Quebec added wage replacement to their leave policy, leave by dads skyrocketed. 31% of leaves taken in California are by dads. New York could become the 4th state in the country to adopt this policy.

When men don’t support these policies, we allow “old-school” decision-makers to erroneously frame paid leave as “just” a women’s issue, reducing our persuasive power. So, please, my fellow working dads, join me in making your support known.

Finally, the petition’s sponsor, A Better Balance, is an amazing organization, fighting for work-family legislation and against workplace discrimination all across the country. They are so effective that I donate a portion of the profits from my book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, to them.

Family Leave in New York is really important. After all, fellow New Yorkers- we can’t let Jersey have a better policy than we do!!!! Happy New Year, everyone!

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