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Welcome Bloomberg Radio Listeners and HBR Readers!

If you’re a dad who works, this is a good time to celebrate. Not only because it’s Fathers’ Day, but because caring about fathers and their needs is no longer a touchy-feely, Phil Donahue kind of thing. Businesses, researchers, the media, and all manner of celebrities have been throwing the spotlight on men who enjoy full lives honoring the importance of both work and family.

– From my June 13 HBR article, The Rise of the Hands-On Dad

Welcome to Fathers, Work and Family

Welcome to Fathers, Work and Family

Thank you for listening to The Hays Advantage on Bloomberg Radio, reading Harvard Business Review and for visiting my site. For those of you who are visiting Fathers, Work and Family for the first time, feel free to have a look around. A link to my “Greatest Hits” here, links to my work at HBR, Good Men Project, Time and HuffPo, as well as information about my participation at recent White House Working Families Summit events up at the top of the page, category listings along the right-hand side, and of course, buttons you can use to follow Fathers, Work and Family via email, twitter or Facebook.

You can listen to the audio here, and read the article here.

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