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Welcome Wall Street Journal Readers and CBS This Morning Viewers!

“The good news is that when anything—even something as asinine as Wednesday’s debate—gets America talking about paternity leave, it is significant progress.” -from my 4/4 WSJ article
Welcome to Fathers, Work and Family

Welcome to Fathers, Work and Family

I hope you enjoyed the segment about Daniel Murphy’s paternity leave on CBS This Morning, and my follow-up article on the Wall Street Journal Online. I am thrilled by the media attention on fathers’ work-family issues.

Thank you for visiting my site. For those of you who are visiting Fathers, Work and Family for the first time, feel free to have a look around- I write about a wide range of issues regarding work-life balance for fathers- not just baseball! Here’s a link to my “Greatest Hits;” links to my work at HBR, Good Men Project, Time and HuffPo up at the top of the page; category listings along the right-hand side; and of course, buttons you can use to follow Fathers, Work and Family via email, twitter or Facebook.

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