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What Best-Selling Authors Are Saying About The Working Dad’s Survival Guide

What do best-selling authors Brigid Schulte, Armin Brott, Ron Friedman, Elizabeth Grace Saunders and Michael Kimmel have in common? They’ve all voiced their support for my forthcoming book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide.

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One of the scary but very cool things about writing a book is sending preview copies out to established authors, asking if they’d be willing to read the book and, if they like it, write a testimonial for you.

What if they couldn’t be bothered? Worse, what if they don’t like it?

I’m very happy to report that several best-selling authors have heartily endorsed my forthcoming book (which you can pre-order NOW on Amazon in advance of its June 9th release). Here’s what they had to say:

If you’re like most dads, you’re facing an impossible tug of war between work and home. My advice? Read this book. In this smart, charming, and actionable guide, Scott Behson offers a practical toolkit for thriving in both domains. You’ll discover how to make family time more memorable, how to negotiate more flexibility with your boss, and why you should pack at least one stuffed animal on every business trip. Behson is the rare writer who can communicate everything you need to know, while making you feel like you’re just chatting over a beer with a good friend at a barbeque.
In The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, Scott Behson sets out to do one simple – but not at all easy – thing; help men feel confident and successful in both their work life and family life. Using the perfect combination of exercises, stories, insights, and practical strategies he accomplishes that goal with flying colors. There’s no magic pill that will make you the best dad you can be. But with commitment, hard work, and Scott’s guidance, you’re well on your way.
In The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, Scott Behson, tears down the “wall of silence” that has surrounded a generation of men who are seeking to redefine what it means to be a good father and a good man. Filled with the heart-felt voices of dozens of fathers struggling to juggle it all, Behson’s imminently practical book lays out new ways of thinking, and helpful exercises, tools and strategies for how to be successful both at work and at home. If you’re a working father who’s felt alone, the Survival Guide is truly that  – operating instructions to find your network and navigate this confusing yet exciting time. This will go a long way in breaking down stereotypes, reducing stigma and providing much-needed help to fathers seeking to navigate these new, confusing and exciting shifts in traditional roles.
The Working Dad’s Survival Guide does an excellent job of clarifying the changing expectations of working fathers and what this means in terms of mindset and practical shifts from generations past. I most appreciate that it emphasizes the critical impact of time management and financial decisions and the importance of taking care of yourself and cultivating a support network. This is a solid toolbox of strategies for working dads who really care about their careers and their families and want to figure out how they can succeed in both arenas.

– Elizabeth Grace Saunders, author of How to Invest Your Time Like Money 

We hear a lot of stories that men are changing, becoming more engaged and active fathers. Scott Behson’s book is for us — we who want to be more engaged but don’t exactly know how to do it. We who try to balance being involved dads with pursuing success in our careers. With clear insights, examples and strategies, Behson breaks it down and enables each of us to reconstruct fatherhood as a deep and glorious connection to our kids.

– Michael Kimmel, PhD, author, Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men

I could not be prouder of these endorsements.

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