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What Leading Fatherhood Voices Are Saying About The Working Dad’s Survival Guide

What do leading fatherhood voices Hogan Hilling, Matt Schneider, Lance Somerfeld, Jeremy Adam Smith and Charlie Capen have in common? They’ve all voiced their support for my forthcoming book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide.

The Working Dad's Survival Guide, now available on Amazon

One of the scary but very cool things about writing a book is sending preview copies out to your respected peers, asking if they’d be willing to read the book and, if they like it, write a testimonial for you.

What if they couldn’t be bothered? Worse, what if they don’t like it?

I’m very happy to report that several leading voices on fatherhood have heartily endorsed The Working Dad’s Survival Guide (which you can order NOW on Amazon. It is already the #1 New Release in its category!). Here’s what they had to say:

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide combines success stories of real working dads with practical advice that finally gives new and expecting fathers a resource for navigating tough conversations with our parenting partners and our employers. Cheers to Scott Behson for providing the 21st century working dad a roadmap for career and parenting success.

– Matt Schneider and Lance Somerfeld, Co-Founders, City Dads Group.

Scott Behson stands prominently at the fulcrum point of an important social and political discussion in America. As an expert, and father himself, Scott is working diligently to give fathers the opportunity to engage more with their children by stoking debate over the working and personal lives of men. More and more fathers are asking questions of their employers, themselves, and their roles in parenting. While the conversation of ‘leaning in’ and ‘opting out’ play out for women, Scott is blazing trails for men who want to participate more in their children’s lives and shift the consciousness of the business world.

– Charlie Capen, co-author, How to Be a Dad and The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions.

In the early 1990’s when I first conducted open discussion groups for dads, I invited the dads to share one thing they learned from the other dads in the room. The number one answer, “I learned I’m not alone. That other dads have similar challenges.” Behson’s assessment of today’s modern dad is accurate and confirmed by the stories I collected in my book, Dads Behaving Dadly: 67 Truths, Tears and Triumphs of Modern Fatherhood, which is a collection of stories written by a wide variety of dads, who share their honest, sincere feelings about their struggles and rewards of being a modern dad. Behson’s book provides valuable, concise, practical information that will help so many dads balance their work and family lives. The Working Dad’s Survival Guide is a well-designed game plan for dads on how to be successful fathers as well as productive employees.

– Hogan Hilling, co-author, Dads Behaving Dadly I and Dadly II.

Being an equal partner and involved father leads to a more meaningful, balanced life. Lots of guys know this, often having learned the hard way from their own fathers, but not everyone knows how to pioneer a new role. Scott Behson draws brilliantly from his life and research to provide the stories, tips, and tools we need to become the fathers we want to be.

– Jeremy Adam Smith, author, The Daddy Shift

I could not be prouder of these endorsements.

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