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Why So Many People Support Work Flexibility

Supporters of work flexibility share how it benefits them, their families and their employers.


I am proud to be a part of One Million for Work Flexibility. I encourage you to check out their website and join in the movement.

When you sign up to voice your support, you are also asked to write in the reason for your support. Here is a random sampling of responses gathered from respondents to the 1MFWF website, split into a few categories:

Work Flexibility Means More Productivity

  1. To schedule my work day to work where and when I’m most productive.

  2. To open up my ability to use my skills where needed and add value to the company’s bottom line.

  3. Work flexibility improves overall performance for people in the workplace. I truly believe that when flexibility is available people are happier and more productive.

  4. I am so productive, creative and  joyful in my own environment and may work strange hours when I feel inspired to do so!

  5. In this changing society, it just makes sense to have the freedom to work outside the box of 9-5 standards that have become outdated.

Work Flexibility Helps Families

  1. Sandwich generation trying to work in between taking care of kids and parents.

  2. I need to work overnight, online, to help my family with 2 children, overpriced daycare, school, one car, under paid, barely able to pay my mortgage! To choose when we can work and have flexible employers

  3. To set an example for my (our) children, so that Mom and Dad can both be employed and still maintain a healthy marriage and family.

  4. We need more moms and dads home to raise their children at times when is most crucial. Just the three hours a day I save in commuting is promoting a better home life for my family.

Other Benefits of Work Flexibility

  1. I am disabled and cannot hold down one full-time job, but, if given the chance, I could work in a number of part-time, temporary jobs.

  2. As someone with a “desk” job, I am healthier at home- I eat better, sleep better, and find time to move more during the day!

All great reasons to support and advocate for work flexibility. What’s yours?

How could you/ How have you benefitted from work flexibility? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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