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A Very Happy (and Busy) Father’s Day

Dads always get more media attention on the build-up to Father’s Day. However, this year seems different to me in that there is so much attention, not just on “yay, dads!” but specifically on fathers facing the challenge of balancing work and family. As such, I’ve been very busy lately spreading the word about working dads. Here’s a quick round-up of my recent Father’s Day media:

National interviews:

Articles I wrote:

Articles in which I was extensively quoted:

This is in addition to my regular writing and my involvement in two campaigns (here and here) to promote paternity leave:

Whew! I am so happy that working dads issues are being highlighted, and honored that so many media outlets are turning to me. But, especially after this crazybusy week, I am simply grateful to spend Father’s Day with my family and relax.

Happy Father’s Day to you!

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