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Fathers, Work and Family’s Greatest Hits

Today, I’ll be traveling to the Academy of Management conference (On Monday, I’ll be presenting about, what else, Fathers’ Work-Family Issues, and will be attending sessions, networking, etc. throughout the weekend). So instead of a new post today, I’m sharing my compilation of the blog’s greatest hits.

Who's greatest hits? ...Well, mine!

Who’s greatest hits? …Well, mine!

Here is a Whitman’s Sampler of my favorite posts from the past year or so, along with the most read, liked and widely shared content from FWF. Enjoy!

The Single Best Way To Be A Great Dad: BE THERE

Open Letter to the New York Times: There is No “Room for Debate” About the Value of Fathers

Networking for Fatherhood (or, in praise of BEER FIRE!)

What I Want My Son to Learn About Work and Family (part 2): My Wife’s Career is as Important as Mine

Taking My Own Advice on Fatherhood, Work and Family (or, helping my wife Lean In)

Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer and a Big Step Backwards

Two Incomes are Better Than One*

Taking A Break From Parenting Benefits Everyone (or, In Praise of “Me” Time For Dads)

Why Women (nope) Men (nope) NO ONE Can “Have It All”

Being a Father Makes You Better at Your Job

These Chores Don’t Count? On Men’s Hidden “Second Shift”

Balancing Parenthood, Couplehood and Work by Committing to Each Other’s Careers

MLB Paternity Leave Update: Cleveland Indians Outfielder Nick Swisher

On Prioritizing Time and Money: “Ten years ago I turned my head for a moment and it became my life”

Negotiating for Flexibility at Work: Why Bosses Say “No” to Flexible Work Arrangements (and what you can do about it).

The Dangers of Over-Scheduling (or, relax, Scott, Nicky will almost certainly not be an Olympic gymnast)

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