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Follow FWF, Raise Money for the National Fatherhood Initiative! (Update)

I am very grateful that, in the two months of FWF, we’ve built a readership and community.  According to’s site statistics, we’ve had over 3000 page views- that’s over 130 per post.  Thank you for coming to the blog, and especially for coming back.

But I’m not satisfied with a small but growing active readership- I want world domination! a large and growing active readership!

In my day job, I’m a management professor, so I always teach my students about the power of goal-setting and well-aligned incentives.  A few weeks ago, I set a goal for the blog: 100 readers who follow FWF through email, Twitter or WordPress by the end of the year.

Follow the Blog, Help a Worthy Cause

For incentive, I am donating $2 for every reader who signs up to follow the blog by the end of the year to the National Fatherhood Initiative, a well-established, national not-for-profit whose mission is to: “To improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children growing up with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.” They provide resources, training and skill-building workshops for fathers all over the country, and pay special attention to helping military families and those in low-income communities.  This seems like an appropriate charity for FWF and something we can all get behind.

… But that’s not all, if we can reach the 100 follower goal, I will double my donation.  This means that, with your help, we can raise $400 for the National Fatherhood Initiative.

When I first announced this program, FWF had 19 followers.  We are now at 56!  That’s significant progress, but we still have a way to go.

Signing up is easy.  There are two links to the right hand side of your screen, one for twitter (for the cool kids), one for email (for the rest of us).  If you are a wordpress user, you are just a click away at the very top of the screen.  (one added benefit- the more people sign up, the less I will harass everyone on twitter,  facebook and LinkedIn)

If you are already a blog follower, I thank you, and humbly request you tell everyone you know just one friend about the blog.

I am so incredibly grateful for your support.  Now let’s do something really positive together!!!

Have a great weekend! -Scott

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