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Happy Father’s Day

Welcome, Left Jab radio listeners!!! Please take a look around- maybe sample the “best of” posts.

For Father’s Day, this intrepid fatherhood advocate is (mostly) taking the day off.

First, a quick note of gratitude to my father.

Dad, you gave me the greatest gift a son could ever receive- a foundation of love and support that gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams and build a successful life. My dearest wish is that when Nick grows up, he and I will have the kind of relationship that we have.
Thanks, Dad, for all you have meant, and continue to mean to me

Thanks, Dad, for all you have meant and continue to mean to me

For some Father’s Day content I co-created with other dads, see What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day at the Good Men Project:

All I want for Father’s Day is this. To hold on to this moment for a little while longer. My son is happy and healthy and doing great. He’s the joy of my life, and he will only be 8 for such an achingly short time. My wife is fantastic, and things are good at work and home. I feel so blessed and fortunate and full. I just want to soak it in and remain in this moment for as long as I can.

…and Designer Daddy’s Father’s Day Collection of Kids’ Art (featuring Nick’s 2011 “self-portrait with crayon, marker and colored tissue paper on cardboard”):

Nick's self-portrait, age 6

Nick’s self-portrait, age 6

Finally, I’ll share with you the card Nick made me last year. Best. Quote. Ever. “The galaxy is better with you and me“. He rocks, I’m so lucky not just to be a father, but to be his father…

Nick's 2012 Father's Day card to me

Nick’s 2012 Father’s Day card to me

Preview for next week:

  1. A guest post about building charitable giving into your life, and how this actually can help work-life balance

  2. More Paternity Leave news from Major League Baseball

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