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The First Year of Fathers, Work and Family

One year ago, I started this blog, not knowing what the public reaction would be. I feared a great big collective yawn.

Nick's right. Moments like this are more important than work

Nick and I thank you for helping make this blog successful.

I am eternally grateful that you gave me a chance and that you found the blog valuable enough to keep coming back. This venture has led to new friendships and professional contacts, but, more importantly, I believe we have started a community for those who support work-family balance for fathers and created a safe place where we can share and discuss ideas, advice and our stories.

Thank you for making year one a success. Over 100 articles, over 1,200 blog followers, over 28,000 unique site visits, regular writing gigs at Good Men Project, Harvard Business Review Blog and Daily Plate of Crazy, media appearances, many new friends and professional contacts, a mostly-completed book proposal- more than I could have ever reasonably expected. Thank you, and here’s to a great second year!!!

Special thanks to:

  1. Inspiration: Amy Griffin and Nicholas Behson

  2. Guest Bloggers: Jason Swann, Aaron Gouveia, Oren Miller, Pat Katepoo, Neil Cohen, Joe Behson, Brian Shields, Erik Eddy, Theron Bostic, Noble McIntyre, Blake Friis, Chris Cottrell, Monique Valcour, Carter Gaddis

  3. Interviewees: Paul Mifsud, Mark Promislo, Jeremy Andersen

  4. Friendly Editors: Robert Duffer, Justin Cascio, Julia Kirby, Gint Aras, DA Wolf

  5. Supportive Employer: Fairleigh Dickinson University

  6. Friends, Well-Wishers and Various Door-Openers: Too many to name, and I apologize for missing some folks but here goes- Monique Valcour, Anjannete Harper, Suzanne deJanasz, Kerri Smith-Majors, Brad Harrington, Jennifer Fraone, Lisa Hickey, Liam Day, Nanette Fondas, Brigid Schulte, Katherine Harris, Jessica deGroot, John Kinnear, Jeff Tepper, Zach Rosenberg, and the Dad Bloggers group.

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